[Pacemaker] different behavior cibadmin -Ql with cman and corosync2

Andrey Groshev greenx at yandex.ru
Fri Aug 23 07:39:45 EDT 2013


Today I try remake my test cluster from cman to corosync2.
I drew attention to the following:
If I reset cluster with cman through cibadmin --erase --force
In cib is still there exist names of nodes.

cibadmin -Ql
      <node id="dev-cluster2-node2.unix.tensor.ru" uname="dev-cluster2-node2"/>
      <node id="dev-cluster2-node4.unix.tensor.ru" uname="dev-cluster2-node4"/>
      <node id="dev-cluster2-node3.unix.tensor.ru" uname="dev-cluster2-node3"/>

Even if cman and pacemaker running only one node.

And if I do too on cluster with corosync2
I see only names of nodes which run corosync and pacemaker.
I'll explain what it is uncomfortable.
I need set attribute before start resource.
On cluster with cman I can do it, but with corosync2 don't....
Exist other way ?

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