[Pacemaker] 2 node Cluster

Christian Gebler geblerchristian at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 13 05:56:41 EDT 2013


I am trying to set up a 2 node Pacemaker-Cluster with a few services (drbd,
psql, ip, tomcat, nginx).
All these services should run on one node, all the time, if one service is
down, everything must migrate to the other node.

So I created one colocation and one order, that works fine and all services
run and migrate as expected.
But I have one problem...if I stop my Tomcat or Nginx (on the CRM CLI), the
database and the ip goes down too, but that should not happen. I have no
idea how to fix this problem, so I hope you can help me. Or is the only
solution to unmanage the Service at first?


Here is my Config:

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