[Pacemaker] Routing-Ressources on a 2-Node-Cluster

T. nospam at godawa.de
Fri Apr 19 11:26:28 EDT 2013

Hi David,

> Why can't both your cluster nodes have as their default
> route all the time?
because the different locations have different networks, routers,
IP-addresses etc. But to be always reachable from the outside, they need
one common IP-address, that is valid on the active node.

And only for the active node the is the way to go out, the
passive node does even not have any connectivity to the outside.

There is just a "little hole" for getting updates and for the
pingd-resource needed for the HA-functionality.

This is done by a proxy and/or by routes and it is working as expected.

> Your configuration seems to have way too many moving parts and since you
> are making routing changes when the nodes become primary it is difficult
Well, beside the servers that have to run on the active node, the only
"moving part" is the cluster-ip, it's default route and an additional
route. So I do not see too much complexity?

> Not 100% sure what you're trying to accomplish, but when a config is
> this complex it's usually not ideal.
That might be correct, but this is not the problem I have.

So any other hint what I should do to get the "metric" working for the

Thanks a lot,

Chau y hasta luego,


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