[Pacemaker] Clone Resources Individual Configuration per Node

David Vossel dvossel at redhat.com
Mon Apr 8 12:14:20 EDT 2013

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> Subject: [Pacemaker] Clone Resources Individual Configuration per Node
> Hello List,
> I am up to writing a resource agent for Pacemaker which shall be used in a
> Master/Slave manner. So the cluster shall always run two instances and one
> of them shall be Master. My clone instances need a different configuration
> depending on the node that they are running on. I know I could accomplish
> this by having some kind of configuration file on each node but I want to
> manage as much as possible through the cluster manager. So what I want is a
> Master / Slave (or clone) resource running with instance attributes tied to
> the cluster node which they are running on.

Here's an idea.  make the cloned master/slave resource and use the local config file for the node specific parameters.  Now create another agent that writes that node specific config file on the node so everything is held in the cib.  That way master/slave resources all have the same attributes, their node specific parameters are in a local config file, and that local config file is maintained by the cluster.

there might be a better way to do this, but this is what first came to mind for me.

-- Vossel

> Let me explain what the purpose is:
> The resource is dependent on specific hardware on the cluster node, which
> has different hardware addresses on each node. So resource instance A DOES
> deliver the same service as resource instance B at least when being in the
> master state each but anyways has to be started with a different parameter.
> I understood that I can configure a location constraint for a resource so
> that it can be run only on one node Lets say my RA expects a param
> hwaddr={string}. I can set up a resource for Node a with hwaddr="a" and one
> for node b with hwaddr="b" but how can I tell pacemaker that these two
> resources now shall be treated as a Master Slave set? Or am I thinking about
> this too complicated?
> Thank you for any hint in advance,
> Felix
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