[Pacemaker] Using crm_resource leaks socket descriptors in cib?

Taneli Leppä taneli at crasman.fi
Tue Apr 9 01:58:43 EDT 2013


I updated last night from RHEL 6.3 to 6.4 (eg. from Pacemaker
1.1.7 to 1.1.8). A few hours later I got into a bit trouble
when the cib process ran out of file handles.

After restarting stuff, I noticed that /proc/cib-pid/fd/ list
was steadily growing by a few UNIX socket handles every
few minutes or so.

I pinpointed this to my monitoring agent (Zabbix) which uses
crm_resource to query status of certain services (eg. crm_resource
-q -r Redis_replication). After changing crm_resource to 'crm
resource status' calls, the descriptor list doesn't grow anymore.

Could this be related to the way crm_resource is called? I couldn't
replicate this by calling crm_resource manually from the prompt.

   Taneli Leppä       | CISSP, RHCE, ZCE, CMDEV
   Crasman Oy         | taneli at crasman.fi

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