[Pacemaker] stonith resources external/ipmi, where should they run on?

Volker Dormeyer volker at ixolution.de
Sun Sep 23 15:39:23 EDT 2012


On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 07:35:35PM -0300,
Carlos Xavier <cbastos at connection.com.br> wrote:
> Hi.
> I´m running a Pacemaker Cluster on Dell R610 machines, so I enabled
> the IDrac6 and configured the following external/ipmi resources
> primitive resIPMI-1 stonith:external/ipmi \
>        params hostname=apolo ipaddr= \
>        userid=root passwd=somepass interface=lan \
>        op monitor interval=600 timeout=240
> primitive resIPMI-2 stonith:external/ipmi \
>        params hostname=diana ipaddr= \
>        userid=root passwd=somepass interface=lan \
>        op monitor interval=600 timeout=240
> When the resources are started i see one running at each host:
> resIPMI-1       (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started apolo
> resIPMI-2       (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started diana
> But as it can be noticed the resource resIPMI-1 that controls the
> node is running at its own host and so is the
> resIPMI-2.
> Is that correct or should them be running on the oposite host or be
> a clone resource? Do I need to set the location for those resources?

In general, it depends on the fence-device and agent. If the
fence-device can control both nodes, you can drive a cloned resource. In
this case the parameters pcmk_host_list and pcmk_host_map, etc. for
stonithd might be of interest for you.

In your case, I think one device can control a single host only, which means
the resource for node 1 should run on node 2 and the one for node 2 should
run on node 1. This implies, that you need to set the appropriate location
contrains to prevent the situation you described, above. It could be
like this:

  location locIPMI-1 resIPMI-1 -inf: apolo
  location locIPMI-2 resIPMI-2 -inf: diana

Best Regards,

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