[Pacemaker] Errors compiling pacemaker 1.1.8 with corosync 2.1.0

Bernardo Cabezas Serra bcabezas at apsl.net
Wed Oct 31 05:39:01 EDT 2012

El 30/10/12 17:29, Bernardo Cabezas Serra escribió:
> Hello,
> Got some errors compiling pacemaker 1.1.8 (also tested previous
> versions) on top of corosync 2.1.0.

Also tested with corosync 2.0.2, and fails the same.

In fact, COROSYNC_SOCKET_NAME was removed from corosync a year ago, in
this changeset:

so don't understant how it compiles for someone, because
lib/cluster/legacy.c uses it.
Maybe some configure parameter?


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