[Pacemaker] Unable to add ping resource to pacemaker 1.0.12

Richard "Alan" McAlexander alanmac1982 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 19:23:37 EDT 2012

Hi Jake,
Below is my config. Thank you!

<meta_attributes id="group_its-meta_attributes"/>

<primitive id="res_ping_1" class="ocf" provider="pacemaker" type="ping">

<instance_attributes id="res_ping_1-instance_attributes">

<nvpair id="nvpair-res_ping_1-multiplier" name="multiplier" value="1000"/>

<nvpair id="nvpair-res_ping_1-host_list" name="host_list"


<operations id="res_ping_1-operations">

<op interval="0" id="op-res_ping_1-start" name="start" timeout="60"/>

<op interval="0" id="op-res_ping_1-stop" name="stop" timeout="20"/>

<op id="op-res_ping_1-monitor" name="monitor" interval="10" timeout="60"

<op interval="0" id="op-res_ping_1-reload" name="reload" timeout="80"/>


<meta_attributes id="res_ping_1-meta_attributes">

<nvpair id="res_ping_1-meta_attributes-target-role" name="target-role"

<nvpair id="res_ping_1-meta_attributes-migration-threshold"
name="migration-threshold" value="3"/>

<nvpair id="res_ping_1-meta_attributes-allow-migrate" name="allow-migrate"

<nvpair id="res_ping_1-meta_attributes-resource-stickiness"
name="resource-stickiness" value="-INFINITY"/>



 <rsc_location id="loc_res_ping_1_seaaimsprd1" rsc="res_ping_1"
node="seaaimsprd1" score="500"/>

<rsc_location id="loc_res_ping_1_seaaimsprd2" rsc="res_ping_1"
node="seaaimsprd2" score="500"/>

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:46 PM, Jake Smith <jsmith at argotec.com> wrote:

> Sorry for the top post.
> Hard to say much without pacemaker config but did you configure location
> constraints for your resources based upon pingd value?
> Post your pacemaker config or pastebin link to it and we'll be able to
> help more.
> Hth
> Jake
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