[Pacemaker] Stuck in a STONITH cycle

David Parker dparker at utica.edu
Tue Oct 16 00:04:38 EDT 2012

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From: David Parker <dparker at utica.edu>
Date: Friday, October 12, 2012 4:57 pm
Subject: [Pacemaker] Stuck in a STONITH cycle
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> I have two nodes set up in a cluster to provide a MySQL server 
> (mysqld) 
> in HA on a virtual IP address.  This was working fine until 
> I had to 
> reboot the servers.  All I did was change the interface 
> each node uses 
> for its primary IP address (changed from eth1 to eth0 on each 
> node).  
> Now I'm stuck in a cycle.  Let's say node 1 has the virtual 
> IP and is 
> running mysqld, and node 2 is down.  When node 2 boots up, 
> it will 
> STONITH node 1 for no apparent reason and take over the 
> resources, which 
> shouldn't happen.  When node 1 boots up again, it will 
> STONITH node 2 
> and take over the resources, which again shouldn't happen.
> Oct 12 16:27:22 ha1 crmd: [1176]: info: populate_cib_nodes_ha: 
> Requesting the list of configured nodes
> Oct 12 16:27:23 ha1 crmd: [1176]: WARN: get_uuid: Could not 
> calculate 
> UUID for ha2
> Oct 12 16:27:23 ha1 crmd: [1176]: WARN: populate_cib_nodes_ha: 
> Node ha2: 
> no uuid found
> Oct 12 16:27:23 ha1 crmd: [1176]: info: do_state_transition: All 
> 1 
> cluster nodes are eligible to run resources.
> The exact opposite shows up on the node "ha2" (it says ha1 has 
> no 
> uuid).  Did the UUID of each node change because the 
> physical interface 
> changed?  Any other ideas?  Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to follow up in case anyone else encounters this problem.  I was able to solve the problem by moving the primary IP address of each node back to its original interface (eth1), so it seems the UUID of each is node in the cluster depends on the interface.  With each node's IP address back on eth1, the cluster works fine and there's no STONITH cycle.

Now another question...  Is there a way to update the UUID of each node if you do something crazy and move IP addresses to new interfaces, like I did?


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