[Pacemaker] high cib load on config change

James Harper james.harper at bendigoit.com.au
Thu Oct 11 06:07:19 EDT 2012

FWIW, I'm running ocfs2 and looking through the logs a bit more my symptoms seem to match those discussed here - http://www.mentby.com/Group/linux-ha/crmd-31942-warn-decodetransitionkey-bad-uuid-crm-resource-25438-in-sscanf-result-3-for-00crm-resource-25438.html

And my test cluster (built on a bunch of VM's) was behaving okay until I installed ocfs2... suddenly I'm getting things like:

WARN: decode_transition_key: Bad UUID (crm-resource-19740) in sscanf result (3) for 0:0:crm-resource-19740
info: cib_server_process_diff: Requesting re-sync from peer


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