[Pacemaker] The CPU usage is almost 100 % when booth execute crm_ticket command.

Jiaju Zhang jjzhang at suse.de
Wed Oct 10 02:52:41 EDT 2012

Hi Yuichi,

On Wed, 2012-10-10 at 15:21 +0900, Yuichi SEINO wrote:
> Hi Jiaju,
> I find a problem.
> I use the latest version of pacemaker.
> pacemaker-1.1.9(commit:53fb2c3a1afd95e8923f9730948302a981094dd4)
> The CPU usage is almost 100 % when booth grant(or revoke) a ticket.
> Then crm_ticket command was the highest CPU usage.
> The old version of pacemaker don't  happen.

Could you provide some detailed information like pacemaker logs and
strace output to let us analyze?


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