[Pacemaker] bug in monitor timeout?

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 4 04:37:54 EDT 2012


On Wed, Oct 03, 2012 at 10:07:06PM +0000, James Harper wrote:
> It seems like everytime I modify a resource, things start timing out. Just now I changed the location of where a ping resource could run and this happened:
> Oct  4 07:07:07 bitvs5 lrmd: [3681]: WARN: perform_ra_op: the operation monitor[52] on p_lvm_iscsi:0 for client 3686 stayed in operation list for 22000 ms (longer than 10000 ms)

That's interesting. Normally such a change should result in just
a few operations. Did you take a look at the transition which
resulted from this change?

> Another oddity is that the resource for p_lvm_iscsi is defined as:
> primitive p_lvm_iscsi ocf:heartbeat:LVM \
>         params volgrpname="vg-drbd" \
>         op start interval="0" timeout="30s" \
>         op stop interval="0" timeout="30s" \
>         op monitor interval="10s" timeout="30s"
> so I don't know where the timeout of 10000ms is coming from??
> When I change something with crm configure the cib process shoots up to 100% CPU and stays there for a while, and the node becomes more-or-less unresponsive, which may go some way to explaining why things time out. Is this normal? It doesn't explain why lrmd complains that something took longer than 10s when I set the timeout to 30s though, unless the interval somehow interacts with that?

Ten seconds is an ad-hoc time and has nothing to do with specific
timeouts. lrmd logs a warning if an operation stays in the queue
for longer than that. How many resources do you have? You can
also increase max-children (a lrmd parameter), which is a number
of operations that lrmd is allowed to run concurrently (lrmadmin
-p max-children n, by default it's set to 4).

> Versions of software are all from Debian Wheezy:
> corosync 1.4.2-3
> pacemaker 1.1.7-1

I'd suggest to open a bugzilla and include hb_report (or
crm_report, whatever your distribution ships).



> thanks
> James
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