[Pacemaker] crmsh resource update issue

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Wed Oct 3 02:21:41 EDT 2012

03.10.2012 08:57, Vladislav Bogdanov wrote:
> 03.10.2012 01:53, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> ...
>> Do you mean get the LSB and/or systemd metadata from the new lrmd?
>> That should work already.
> Is there an utility which implements new lrm API?

Answering to myself.


It allows to do everything crmsh needs (probably to be implemented as a
separate ra.py class (or as extension to RaLrmd ?). It should be easy to
do even for me.

But, will its name and location (usr/libexec/pacemaker/) remain the same
for 1.2/2.0? Shouldn't it be mover to /usr/sbin and renamed, f.e. to

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