[Pacemaker] Build dlm_controld for pacemaker stack (dlm_controld.pcmk)

Bernardo Cabezas Serra bcabezas at apsl.net
Mon Oct 29 12:51:51 EDT 2012


disclaimer: I have posted this issue to linux-ha list too a couple of
days ago. I'm sorry if this is not the correct list, and thanks if you
can give me a hint about which cluster stack should I use for ocfs2 by now.

I'm trying to compile all stack for corosync + pacemaker + dlm + ocfs2
(with dlm_controld.pmk), without cman stack. I'm following the "From
source" Pacemaker guide.

After some days trying to compile the correct combination of
sources/versions, I have no success, and I'm not sure if at this moment
this is possible.

The fist problem was that cluster removed support for dlm_controld with
pacemaker stack. Last version with support was 3.0.17.
But this was done some years ago, and as far as I have been able to
understand, things are still broken.

The most relevant info found about this issue are these threads from
Andrew Beekhof and Vladislav Bogdanov, wich suggest to compile
dlm_controld from Cluster, applying some patches. They report it worked
(whith some remaining issues):


But most recent issue about this is a year ago, and seems that things
are still broken.
I haven't been able to compile, with lots of errors, so I'm currently
asking if this is the right way, becouse seems that nobody else is
willing to use this...

At cluster page, they state that now DLM code has been separated from

But this dlm project (that seems to have pcmk support), depends on
corosync 2.0, so it can't run with last pacemaker (1.1.8). (can it?)

Before spending more time with this, I wanted to ask for the right way
to do things.
So Questions are:

(1) Is it by now possible to get an ocfs2 corosync + pacemaker cluster,
without cman, and dlm_controld with pcmk stack? (if yes which
(2) What is the future roadmap about this? Will future corosync2.0
cluster have dlm issues addressed?

Also, I have read (also Andrew post) that OCFS2 cluster could have
problems on top of corosync 2.0, as OCFS2 has't ben ported (GFS2 was
(3) Is GSF2 a better future option in terms of support, for linux-ha

More details about pcmk dlm_controld:
I found that Suse have always been mantaining  cman-free cluster stack,
so I have tried to find dlm in its packages.

But also I have had lots of compilation problems, trying several
pacemaker, versions, also the suse-patched ones. Haven't been able to
successfully complie a dlm_controld.

Thanks and Regards,
*Bernardo Cabezas Serra*
*Responsable Sistemas*
Ada Byron, edificio NTIC 2ºA
07121 ParcBit
Mail: bcabezas at apsl.net
Skype: bernat.cabezas
Tel: 971439771

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