[Pacemaker] lsb: could not parse meta-data

vishal kumar vishal.kanojwar at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 08:23:23 EDT 2012


I am trying to configure pacemaker with corosync on RHEL 6.

While trying to add lsb resources i get  "could not parse meta-data".

The pacemaker version is 1.1.7 . Below is the error what i get when i check
for metadata in crm shell.

*crm(live)ra# list lsb*
*abrt-ccpp                   abrt-oops                   abrtd
          acpid                       atd*
*auditd                      autofs                      certmonger
         cgconfig                    cgred*
*corosync                    corosync-notifyd            cpuspeed
         crond                       cups*
*haldaemon                   halt                        heartbeat
          httpd                       ip6tables*
*iptables                    irqbalance                  kdump
          killall                     ktune*
*lvm2-lvmetad                lvm2-monitor                matahari-broker
          matahari-host               matahari-network*
*matahari-rpc                matahari-service            matahari-sysconfig
         matahari-sysconfig-console  mcelogd*
*mdmonitor                   messagebus                  netconsole
         netfs                       network*
*nfs                         nfslock                     ntpd
         ntpdate                     oddjobd*
*pacemaker                   portreserve                 postfix
          psacct                      qpidd*
*quota_nld                   rdisc                       restorecond
          rhnsd                       rhsmcertd*
*rngd                        rpcbind                     rpcgssd
          rpcidmapd                   rpcsvcgssd*
*rsyslog                     sandbox                     saslauthd
          single                      smartd*
*sshd                        sssd                        sysstat
          tuned                       udev-post*
*ypbind                      *
*crm(live)ra# meta lsb heartbeat*
*ERROR: heartbeat:lsb: could not parse meta-data: *
*crm(live)ra# meta lsb sshd*
*ERROR: sshd:lsb: could not parse meta-data: *
*crm(live)ra# meta lsb ntpd*
*ERROR: ntpd:lsb: could not parse meta-data: *
*crm(live)ra# meta lsb httpd*
*ERROR: httpd:lsb: could not parse meta-data*

Please do suggest me where am i going wrong.
Thanks for the help.

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