[Pacemaker] "crm resource fence-test show pcmk_host_list" can not find the object/attribute

bin chen free2coder at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 03:57:22 EDT 2012

I use pcmk 1.17 and corosync 2.0.I have define a fence resource and a clone
resource of it:
primitive fence-test stonith:fence_fronware \
params pcmk_host_list="h181" ipaddr="" action="reboot" \
op monitor interval="3600s" \
meta target-role="Started"
clone fence-clone fence-test \
meta target-role="Started"
location loc1 fence-clone 100: h181

I want to get the value of the parameter : pcmk_host_list,But it does not
work :

crm(live)resource# param fence-test show pcmk_host_list
Error performing operation: The object/attribute does not exist

When I delete the fence-clone,the command can output correctly.

crm(live)resource# param fence-test show pcmk_host_list

why?Anyone can explained it for me ?
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