[Pacemaker] Storage Locking To Prevent Split Brain

David Morton davidmorton78 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 15:40:27 EDT 2012

We're changing our SAN shortly and I'm putting together the procedure /
config now for the shared storage. This will be based on XFS on top of
clustered LVM2 via Pacemaker.

I've implemented the exclusive=yes directive on the LVM resources (volume
groups) but I am still able to mount on both cluster nodes (2 node cluster)
in my testing environment. I would have thought that this directive would
prevent multiple mounting / VG activation given that even when there are no
cluster comms (this is how i create the split brain, and reboot both nodes)
the storage is available to both nodes ?

What is the recommended way of guaranteeing storage exclusiveness in this
(albeit unlikely) situation where both nodes think they are running by
themselves ? I've looked at sdb and sfex but have previously been steered
away from them.

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