[Pacemaker] lvm ra timeouts and vgdisplay hang

James Harper james.harper at bendigoit.com.au
Wed Oct 17 07:35:43 EDT 2012

I've been having a problem with the lvm ra when used in conjunction with clvm when a node dies (eg when I destroy the vm to test this particular scenario)

clvm re-organises itself just fine, and comes good well within the lvm ra timeout I set (60 seconds), but if the "vgdisplay -v vg-drbd" command is executed by the lvm ra monitor op while clvm is learning that the node is dropped it hangs forever and the ra monitor times out.

I worked around this by doing this in the monitor of the ra:

        while [ $limit -ge 0 -a $rc -eq 124 ]
	limit=`expr $limit - 1`
                timeout --kill-after=5s 5s vgdisplay -v $1 2>&1 | grep -i 'Status[ \t]*available' 2>&1 >/dev/null
        return $rc

which kills the hung vgdisplay if it goes more than 5 seconds (should never) and retries the operation a few times, and seems to work. Now I can kill a node without the cluster falling to pieces and going on a stonith frenzy (actually it sometimes still does, but not for that reason)

Maybe someone will find this useful? Or tell me a better way to do it (other than fix the bug in vgdisplay :)?


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