[Pacemaker] resource can not be started

Mia Lueng xiaozunvlg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 05:56:01 EDT 2012

sles11 sp2 High availability extenstion

hatest01:~ # crm configure show
node hatest01
node hatest02
node hatest03
primitive res_apache ocf:heartbeat:apache \
	operations $id="res_apache-operations" \
	op monitor interval="10" timeout="20s" \
	params configfile="/etc/apache2/httpd.conf" httpd="/usr/sbin/httpd2"
primitive res_ip_apache ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr \
	operations $id="res_ip_apache-operations" \
	op monitor interval="5s" timeout="20s" \
	params ip="" cidr_netmask="24"
primitive sbd_stonith stonith:external/sbd \
	meta target-role="started" \
	operations $id="sbd_stonith-operations" \
	op monitor interval="15" timeout="15" start-delay="15" \
	params sbd_device="/dev/vdb"
group rg_apache2 res_apache res_ip_apache \
	meta target-role="Started"
order rg_apache_order : res_ip_apache res_apache
property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
	dc-version="1.1.2-2e096a41a5f9e184a1c1537c82c6da1093698eb5" \
	cluster-infrastructure="openais" \
	expected-quorum-votes="3" \
	no-quorum-policy="stop" \
	stonith-enabled="true" \
op_defaults $id="op_defaults-options" \


Last updated: Wed Oct 17 05:45:58 2012
Stack: openais
Current DC: hatest03 - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.2-2e096a41a5f9e184a1c1537c82c6da1093698eb5
3 Nodes configured, 3 expected votes
2 Resources configured.

Online: [ hatest01 hatest02 hatest03 ]

sbd_stonith     (stonith:external/sbd): Started hatest01

hatest01:~ # crm resource start rg_apache2

no actions are executed on any node

log on hatest01:

Oct 17 05:46:36 hatest01 cibadmin: [6873]: info: Invoked: cibadmin -Ql
-o resources
Oct 17 05:46:36 hatest01 cibadmin: [6874]: info: Invoked: cibadmin -p
-R -o resources

log on hatest03(DC)
Oct 17 05:43:59 hatest03 cib: [3337]: info: cib_process_request:
Operation complete: op cib_replace for section resources
(origin=hatest01/cibadmin/2, version=0.89.2): ok (rc=0)

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