[Pacemaker] centos 6 fence_apc parameter error

Michael Brennen michael at fishnet.us
Tue Oct 9 19:47:30 EDT 2012

Hello all,

I have built a two node apache/mysql cluster, with drbd syncing the two.  I am 
using the centos 6 corosync, pacemaker, and fence-agents packages.  (I tried 
the clusterlabs 1.1.8 pacemaker with the pcs shell, but pcs assumes the 
fedora-centric systemctl.)

With the cluster working I am now trying to add fencing with an APC 
powerswitch.  I have built the configuration from examples I have found on the 
mailing list.

crm configure primitive f_apc stonith:fence_apc params \
   pcmk_host_map="fail1:1,fail2:2" \
   pcmk_host_list="fail1 fail2" \
   pcmk_host_check="static-list" \
   ipaddr="" \
   action="reboot" \
   login="user" \

That results in the following message:

ERROR: f_apc: parameter fail2 does not exist
Do you still want to commit? 

I have not been able to find a way around this, but the configuration seems 
exactly what I have found in the lists.  Does anyone have any idea what might 
be happening?  Thanks.

    -- Michael

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