[Pacemaker] cloned resources show as stopped

James Harper james.harper at bendigoit.com.au
Sat Oct 6 07:49:57 EDT 2012

This is just a cosmetic thing, but I have a cloned resource that shows up like this:

Clone Set: c_ping_X [p_ping_X]
     Started: [ node1 node2 ]
     Stopped: [ p_ping_X:0 p_ping_X:1 p_ping_X:4 ]

That's correct in that the location restriction on the clone set c_ping_X only allows it run on node1 and node2, but the Stopped information is what I see on other cloned resources when one clone is misbehaving so when I do crm status I have to look a little more closely to know that everything is okay.

Is this just the way it is, or is there something else I need to do to tell crm status that I don't need to see what nodes the resource is stopped on if it isn't allowed to run there anyway?



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