[Pacemaker] STONIH device and two-active DRBDs with GFS2

Tero Mäntyvaara termant at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 06:28:07 EDT 2012


I have read the tutorial you provide on your web site but I am
struggling with the node level STONITH device which I currently do not

I was wondering if I set two-active DRBD and because - by your
tutorial in chapter 8.2.3 - CMAN is being used as fencing device too,
is STONITH device necessary any more.

But if STONITH device is necessary any way, what would be  a) the
cheapest solution for node level fencing and b) the best solution for
resource level fencing? Is resource level fencing possible without
external or separate HW? How do I set resource fencing for STONITH? Is
node level fencing possible with the cross-over serial connection
between nodes? How about IP over USB with USB hub or Linux compatible
USB link cable between nodes?

Tero Mäntyvaara

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