[Pacemaker] Getting Started on Ubuntu 12.04

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The Linbit Tech Guides are nice for this purpose as they give step-by-step instructions for configuring a simple example cluster. Since you mentioned using DRBD in your setup, I would recommend the DRBD Users Guide, which also has information specific to Pacemaker: 

Some notes about DRBD: 
- you will want to set the syncer rate to 1/3 of the bandwidth available over your DRBD replication link: 

- you will want to enable resource-level fencing for DRBD. In corosync-based clusters, this can be done with crm-fence-peer.sh: 

Also, I would recommend configuring more than one communication ring for Corosync, so that your cluster can still communicate even if one network is disrupted. When configuring redundant rings, you must specify the rrp_mode parameter in corosync.conf, which determines how Corosync uses the rings ("active" to use all of the rings at once, "passive" to use one ring but failover to another if it is found to be faulty). 

Good luck! 

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Thank you, Andrew. That is great info, particularly the Ubuntu 12.04-specifics about dependencies and libraries. 

I also found a very very dumbed down getting-started guide on the Minecraft wiki, of all places. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tutorials/High-Availability_Cluster My biggest problem is not getting the code and compiling it. My problem is that I have never seen or managed a cluster with this software on it. I think this will get me started on the path so that I can have a working corosync+pacemaker+drbd to play with. 

-- Art Z. 


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