[Pacemaker] Getting Started on Ubuntu 12.04

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I would recommend building your cluster with the latest version of Pacemaker, 1.1.8, and a newer release of Corosync as well. I also recently built a cluster on Ubuntu 12.04 and encountered bugs in the older versions of Corosync and Pacemaker in the repositories. 

There are two stable branches of Corosync to choose from - the older 1.x series (1.4.4 is the latest as of this writing) and newer 2.x series (2.1.0). When compiling Corosync, note that Ubuntu breaks out a number of the libraries into different packages: 
libcfg4 libconfdb4 libcoroipcc4 libcoroipcs4 libcpg4 libevs4 liblogsys4 libpload4 libquorum4 libsam4 libtotem-pg4 libvotequorum4 

When compiling Corosync 1.x from source, it provides all of these libraries so you should have all of those packages uninstalled. 

In contrast, compiling Corosync 2.x provides libcpg4 and libsam4 but requires all of the other libraries listed above to be installed. There is also a new dependency that you should install first, libqb: 

When compiling Pacemaker 1.1.8 (and later), note that the crm shell (previously included with Pacemaker) is now a separate project and needs to be compiled and installed if you want to use it: 
Similar to Corosync, Ubuntu' splits off several of the libraries into different packages: 
*libccs3 libcib1 *libcman3 *libesmtp6 *libfence4 libcrmcluster1 libcrmcommon2 libpe-rules2 libpe-status3 libpengine3 libstonithd1 libtransitioner1 

The ones with an asterisk are dependencies for Pacemaker 1.1.8 as well, and should be installed when compiling it (though libccs3 and libfence4 are only really required if you want to use CMAN). 
The ones without an asterisk should be uninstalled. For more details on how these libraries are broken out into separate packages, see here: 

In regards to guides to getting started, I'd recommend the Clusters from Scratch documentation, as well as the Linbit Tech Guides: 

STONITH is an important part of your cluster. This page has a good illustration of why it is important to choose a good STONITH device: 


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I am trying to build my first cluster on Ubuntu 12.04 and struggling because, though I have a lot of Linux and UNIX sysadmin experience, I am new to clustering. 

I would appreciate any pointers to docs/examples/tutorials/whatever on getting started with Corosync 1.4.2 + Pacemaker 1.1.6 (the versions in the Ubuntu 12.04 repository). 

-- Art Z. 

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