[Pacemaker] stonith device

Soni Maula Harriz soni.harriz at sangkuriang.co.id
Fri Nov 9 06:09:18 EST 2012

dear forum,

i use centos 6.3 and configure 2 server with pacemaker and corosync
(installation via yum)

[root at daksa02 ~]# pacemakerd --version
Pacemaker 1.1.7-6.el6
Written by Andrew Beekhof

[root at daksa02 ~]# corosync -v
Corosync Cluster Engine, version '1.4.1'
Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Red Hat, Inc.

i used to have many stonith device installed when i install pacemaker and
corosync, but now i just get one

[root at daksa02 ~]# stonith_admin --list-installed
1 devices found

how could this happen ? and how could i get all the available devices ?

Best Regards,

Soni Maula Harriz
Database Administrator
PT. Data Aksara Sangkuriang
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