[Pacemaker] Constraint on location of resource start

Cserbák Márton marton.cserbak at novin.hu
Fri Nov 9 02:49:44 EST 2012


I have successfully set up a DRBD+Pacemaker+Xen cluster on two Debian
servers. Unfortunately, I am facing the same issue as the one
described in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=694492,
namely, that the CPU features differ on the two servers. When the domU
resources, that were originally created on the newer server get
migrated to the older server, they usually crash with libc trap
messages on the console. Live migration of domUs originally created on
the older server is without problem in both ways.

What I was trying to figure out, if there was any way to configure
pacemaker to allow creation of domUs on the older server only, and
allow migration of resources to the newer server.

Any help is appreciated. Best regards,

Márton Cserbák

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