[Pacemaker] crm_resource command ignored?

King, Christopher CKing at BroadViewNet.com
Mon Nov 5 14:15:01 EST 2012

Hey all,


Running pacemaker-1.1.5- (on SLES 11 SP1) we seem to be
experiencing sporadic "lost" crm_resource commands.  All indications are
that the crm_resource command was issued correctly.


Specifically, we have a 2 node cluster with a rabbitmq-server resource
configured.  (The resource is named "msgbroker".)  Our configuration
includes an mnesia_base parameter (to change where the server stores the
mnesia database.)  Contained in the resources configuration is the


  <instance_attributes id="msgbroker-instance_attributes">

    <nvpair id="msgbroker-instance_attributes-ip" name="ip"

    <nvpair id="msgbroker-instance_attributes-mnesia" name="mnesia_base"



The command:


crm_resource -r msgbroker -d mnesia_base


occasionally (2 out of 12 attempts) does not result in the mnesia_base
parameter being deleted from the resource configuration. 


This command is called by a python script, which does not report any
problems.  A number of other cib altering commands, such as "crm
configure delete ...",  "crm configure colocation ..."., etc., are run
successfully in the same script.

Any help would be appreciated.
Chris King
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