[Pacemaker] Always Run Clone Resource

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Wed Mar 21 22:25:55 EDT 2012

Shouldnt it have sent you a message that it was being stopped?

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 4:51 AM, Andrew Martin <amartin at xes-inc.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a pacemaker/heartbeat cluster that uses several DRBD primitives. The
> cluster resources are all colocated and ordered to start after the
> DRBD primitives. I have configured an ocf:heartbeat:MailTo primitive and
> clone for notifying me of any changes in the cluster state:
> primitive p_notify ocf:heartbeat:MailTo \
>         params email="myaddr at example.com" \
>         params subject="Alert Pacemaker Change" \
>         op start interval="0" timeout="10" \
>         op stop interval="0" timeout="10" \
>         op monitor interval="10" timeout="10"
> ...
> clone cl_notify p_notify
> This MailTo primitive and clone are NOT part of the colocation or order
> rules for the rest of the resources. Last night all of the resources in the
> cluster stopped because of a syntax error in the DRBD config. This also
> stopped the MailTo resources, and thus I was not notified of the error state
> in the cluster. How can I configure the MailTo resources to be running
> always, regardless of the state of the rest of the resources in the cluster?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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