[Pacemaker] Sporadic problems of rejoin after split brain situation

Roman Sidler roman.sidler at sidler-se.net
Mon Mar 19 03:48:47 EDT 2012

Andrew Beekhof <andrew at ...> writes:

> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 10:53 AM, Roman Sidler
> <roman.sidler at ...> wrote:

> The CCM (part of heartbeat) is known not to be particularly awesome in
> such scenarios and it appears to be the case again here:
> Mar 16 01:35:31 oan1 crmd: [7601]: info: ccm_event_detail: NEW MEMBERSHIP:
> trans=15, nodes=1, new=0, lost=0 n_idx=0, new_idx=1, old_idx=3
> As far as pacemaker knows, its still all alone.
> Perhaps give corosync 1.4.x a go instead of heartbeat?
Hi Andrew
Thank you for pointing this out. 
Our products/tools are currently based on heartbeat. But I'm going to try 


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