[Pacemaker] unbound resource agent

Benjamin Kiessling mittagessen at l.unchti.me
Wed Mar 14 09:48:11 EDT 2012


On 2012.03.14 14:24:10 +0100, Dejan Muhamedagic wrote:
> > dnsCache_start_0 (node=router1, call=56, rc=-2, status=Timed Out): unknown exec error
> > dnsCache_monitor_1000 (node=router2, call=24, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
> > dnsCache_start_0 (node=router2, call=81, rc=-2, status=Timed Out): unknown exec error
> These operations timed out, i.e. didn't finish in the given time
> frame which is by default 20 seconds.

It says the return code is -2 which isn't a return code specified in the
OCF standard. unbound usually starts fast and I can't see anything in
the logs indicating an error during initialization.

> > primitive dnsCache ocf:heartbeat:unbound \
> > 	op monitor interval="1s" timeout="10s" start-delay="10s" \
> This is very aggressive and the timeout is too short.

I'd like to keep the monitor interval as short as possible. As the check
simply resolves localhost I see no reason not to run it as often as
possible. The timeout should be plenty as there should be no
considerable delay in resolving localhost. I can reset the interval to
the defaults but I don't see this being the cause for this weird
behavior (correct my if I'm wrong).

> start-delay is of no benefit if the start action makes sure that
> the instance is operational (which it should do).

The resource agent executes the monitor function in the start routine
until it returns successfully. 

> There's an excellent RA implementation guide at linux-ha.org (NB:
> didn't take a look at your RA).

I read it and decided to use the named resource agent as a base as it is
conceptually very similar to what a resource agent for unbound or any
other recursive dns server should do (and because I am lazy).

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