[Pacemaker] Surprisingly fast start of resources on cluster failover.

Florian Crouzat gentoo at floriancrouzat.net
Tue Mar 13 11:18:59 EDT 2012

Le 07/03/2012 22:08, Lars Ellenberg a écrit :

> Did you also time it as
>    time /etc/init.d/firewall>out.txt 2>err.txt

Yes, it's the same, 65 seconds vs 24 from Pacemaker.
It only prints ~250 lines.

> Other than above suggestion,
> did you verify that it ends up doing the same thing
> when started from pacemaker,
> compared to when started by you from commandline?
> Did you compare the results?

Absolutely the same, this is my core firewall, it sures works fine when 
starting from pacemaker.

It's probably just a side effect of the server reboot, and/or the fact 
that it doesn't yet handles named, ldirector, stunnel & such because in 
the pacemaker resource group, "firewall" goes first.

Florian Crouzat

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