[Pacemaker] prevent the resource's start if it has "stop NG" history on the other node

Junko IKEDA tsukishima.ha at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 01:31:53 EDT 2012


I tried the latest code and the following commit worked well for our case, too.
It means "unmanaged, stop failed resource" prevents Pacemaker's
shutdown, great :)

but, I got the other case, it's "Master/Slave" configuration.

1) initial status;
node-a = Master
node-b = Slave

2) node-a -> shutdown Pacemaker
3) node-a -> failed to stop Master while the shutdown process

4) final status;
node-a = unmanaged "Slave"
node-b = Master

In this case, "demote" operation goes well, so it makes sense to
promote node-b as Master.
I think drbd RA can handle this situation,
but pgsql RA (replication mode) will go into the unexpected dual master...
this can be related to the following issue.
I'll ask pgsql people this again for now.

Many thanks,

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