[Pacemaker] prevent the resource's start if it has "stop NG" history on the other node

Junko IKEDA tsukishima.ha at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 04:45:37 EST 2012


> On the one hand the admin is saying "always stop A before B", but then
> also asking for "stop B" while preventing "stop A".
> So the admin is making incompatible demands, which one do you want us to ignore?

It seems that the current Pacemaker does shutdown in spite of
unmanaged resources when "stonith-enabled=false",
so one unmanaged resource in group should be ignored during shutdown process.
By the way, I tried Master/Slave setup which contained the above group
resource without stonith ("stonith-enabled=false"),
Pacemaker shutdown went well and Master resource's fail-over was also
The above simple group behavior(prevents "shutdown") is peculiarity.

Actually, it's desirable to "prevent Pacemaker shutdown" if there are
unmanaged resource,
but this behavior has been changed?
# I found an old changelog, it said "High: crmd: Bug LF1837 -
Unmanaged resources prevent crmd from shutting down"

* Wed Apr 23 2008 Andrew Beekhof <abeekhof at suse.de> - 0.6.3-1
- Update source tarball to revision: fd8904c9bc67 tip
- Statistics:
    Changesets:      117
    Diff:            354 files changed, 19094 insertions(+), 11338 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.2
  + High: Admin: Bug LF:1848 - crm_resource - Pass set name and id to
delete_resource_attr() in the correct order
  + High: Build: SNMP has been moved to the management/pygui project
  + High: crmd: Bug LF1837 - Unmanaged resources prevent crmd from shutting down


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