[Pacemaker] configuring ocf:heartbeat:conntrackd

Kevin COUSIN kiven at kiven.fr
Thu Mar 22 07:32:44 EDT 2012


I try to use the ocf:heartbeat:conntrackd  resource on a CentOS 6 two nodes cluster. I don't understant how works the conntrackd resource, I configured it as explained in documentation, and start a conntrackd daemon whith an lsb script. When I try a takeover, the resource kill the daemon on nodes and don't restart it, and the resource failed.

Here is my configuration :

        meta notify="true" interleave="true"
primitive SUIVI_CONNEXIONS ocf:heartbeat:conntrackd \
        params conntrackd="/usr/sbin/conntrackd" config="/etc/conntrackd/conntrackd.conf" \
        op monitor interval="20" role="Slave" timeout="20" \
        op monitor interval="10" role="Master" timeout="20"

Thanks for help 


   Kevin C.

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