[Pacemaker] Deleting the resource while it's running

Ante Karamatic ivoks at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 22 05:09:55 EDT 2012


I've came across an odd behavior, which might be considered as
inconsistent. As we know, pacemaker doesn't allow deleting a resource
that's running, but this doesn't produce same behavior every time.

Let's take a VM with a default stop timeout (90 seconds).

First behavior

# crm resource stop vm ; crm primitive delete vm

This will result with:

ERROR: resource vm is running, can't delete it

Eventually, vm resource will stop and delete can be 'reexecuted'. It
will be removed and everybody's happy. Ideally, IMHO, delete would be

Second behavior

# crm cib new test
# CIB_shadow="test" crm resource stop vm
# CIB_shadow="test" crm primitive delete vm
# crm cib commit test

In this case shadow CIB is created and committed with the same changes
as in first case. Pacemaker will accept both requests and it will try
deleting the vm while stopping is in progress. This will ignore stop
timeout for vm (90 seconds) and declare stopping as timed out after 20
seconds. Depending on cluster configuration, this might result in node
being fenced.

Shouldn't this be consistent?

Best regards

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