[Pacemaker] Resource Agent ethmonitor

Fiorenza Meini fmeini at esseweb.eu
Tue Mar 20 11:18:39 EDT 2012

Hi there,
has anybody configured successfully the RA specified in the object of 
the message?

I got this error: if_eth0_monitor_0 (node=fw1, call=2297, rc=-2, 
status=Timed Out): unknown exec error

The RA definition in CIB is:

primitive if_eth0 ocf:heartbeat:ethmonitor \
         params interface="eth0" name="wan_eth0" \
         op monitor interval="20s" timeout="50s" \
         op start interval="0" timeout="60" \
         op stop interval="0" timeout="20"

Thanks and regards

Fiorenza Meini
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