[Pacemaker] Using shadow configurations noninteractively

Phil Frost phil at macprofessionals.com
Mon Mar 19 15:00:18 EDT 2012

I'm attempting to automate my cluster configuration with Puppet. I'm already using Puppet to manage the configuration of my Xen domains. I'd like to instruct puppet to apply the configuration (via cibadmin) to a shadow config, but I can't find any sure way to do this. The issue is that running "crm_shadow --create ..." starts a subshell, but there's no easy way I can tell puppet to run a command, then run another command in the subshell it creates.

Normally I'd expect some command-line option, but I can't find any. It does look like it sets the environment variable "CIB_shadow". Is that all there is to it? Is it safe to rely on that behavior?

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