[Pacemaker] Could not establish cib_rw connection

Martin Unger martin.unger at itsdone.at
Mon Jul 23 08:23:55 EDT 2012

I would be grateful for any other ideas...
Don't make me use haresources ;-)

Von: Martin Unger
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012 16:06
An: pacemaker at oss.clusterlabs.org
Betreff: Could not establish cib_rw connection


I'm running Pacemaker and Corosync on CentOS 6.3 (yum install corosync pacemaker).

Corosync starts just fine, but as soon as I start pacemaker, error messages start appearing in the log-file:

pacemakerd:     info: start_child:       Forked child 11112 for process crmd
crmd:     info: crm_log_init_worker:       Changed active directory to /var/lib/heartbeat/cores/hacluster
crmd:   notice: main:      CRM Hg Version: 148fccfd5985c5590cc601123c6c16e966b85d14
crmd:     info: crm_ipc_connect:   Could not establish cib_rw connection: Connection refused (111)
crmd:     info: crm_ipc_connect:   Could not establish cib_rw connection: Connection refused (111)
pacemakerd:    error: pcmk_child_exit:   Child process crmd exited (pid=11112, rc=127)

Running crm_mon outputs the following:

Attempting connection to the cluster...Could not establish cib_ro connection: Connection refused (111)
          .crm_mon: symbol lookup error: crm_mon: undefined symbol: cib_error2string

What is the problem with my installation/configuration?


corosync 1.4.1-7.el6
corosynclib 1.4.1-7.el6
pacemaker 1.1.7-6.el6
cluster-glue 1.0.5-6.el6
pacemaker-cli 1.1.7-6.el6
pacemaker-cluster-libs 1.1.7-6.el6

compatibility: whitetank

totem {
        version: 2
        secauth: off
        threads: 0
        interface {
                ringnumber: 0
                mcastport: 5405
                ttl: 1

logging {
        fileline: off
        to_stderr: no
        to_logfile: yes
        to_syslog: yes
        logfile: /var/log/cluster/corosync.log
        debug: off
        timestamp: on
        logger_subsys {
                subsys: AMF
                debug: off

amf {
        mode: disabled

service {
# Load the Pacemaker Cluster Resource Manager
name: pacemaker
ver: 1

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