[Pacemaker] IP Range Failover with IPaddr2 and clone / globally-unique="true"

Reid, Mike MBReid at thepei.com
Tue Jan 24 16:34:55 EST 2012

You would think so :) I waited 2-3x the monitor interval in hopes the
Failed resources would eventually be setup, but that was not the case. To
Dejan's point, I could have checked the logs to look for something more
specific, but I did not. I've not heard of ocf_tester, perhaps it could
shed some light on the behavior I was experiencing? Thanks for the tip!

>>> Dejan,
>>> Regarding the stability: In my two node cluster testing,
>>> unfortunately
>>> multiple times (on each node) when managing multiple IP Ranges via
>>> unique_clone_address, more than one of the IPs failed to create.
>>> The
>>> default monitor settings were still in effect, but the IP was never
>>> created until a manual "crm resource cleanup" was performed.
>>What does "monitor setting" have to do with creating IP
>Not my forte but from my limited knowledge wouldn't the monitor operation
>restart the "FAILED" IP's that didn't create properly once the monitor
>interval passed and the monitor operation found the "failed" resource?

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