[Pacemaker] Best setup for lots and lots of IPs

Anton Melser melser.anton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 12:40:25 EST 2012

>> Thanks for your suggestions - I'll have a look at adapting the ipaddr2
>> script - do you think it would be worth resubmitting something for
>> inclusion somewhere? Is there some sort of forge where this sort of
>> thing would happily live, or do people usually roll their own?
> IIRC, IPaddr2 already has such an option. See "crm ra info
> IPaddr2".

I just had a look - I'm using the default version that comes with
centos 6.2 - and I can't see anything that suggests being able to use
a range, either for ipaddr or ipaddr2. Was it maybe a different module
you were thinking of? If so I'd be very interested to find out about
Thanks for your suggestions and help.

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