[Pacemaker] need cluster-wide variables

shashi shashidhara.td at huawei.com
Thu Jan 5 01:40:22 EST 2012

>              Master
>              /    \
>      Pre-Master   Pre-Master
>     /       |        \
> Slave     Slave       Slave
> Master synchronizes its data with the attached Preferred Masters and Slaves
> synchronizes its data from attached Prefered Master.
> We want one of the Pre-Master to take over as master in case of master
> instance failure (simultaneously tree restructuring is required) and one of
> the slave to take over the Pre-Master role when one of the Pre-Master 

So not only do the Pre-masters need to behave differently, the Slaves
also need to know who the Pre-masters are.
Is that correct?

Yes, Slaves need to know which Pre-Master to connect.

> So we have two probable options:
> 1. An work around to achieve this tri-state efficiently without changing
> pacemaker internals.
> 2. Modify pacemaker to add this tri-state feature.
> So please suggest how to go about it.

Thanks & Regards

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