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Stallmann, Andreas AStallmann at CONET.DE
Mon Jan 23 07:13:47 EST 2012


I try to set up MySQL HA with pacemaker according to:


When I do that, I find the following error in crm_mon:

Master/Slave Set: ms_MySQL
     p_mysql:0  (ocf::heartbeat:mysql): Slave int-ipfuie-mgmt01 (unmanaged) FAILED
     p_mysql:1  (ocf::heartbeat:mysql): Slave int-ipfuie-mgmt02 (unmanaged) FAILED
writer_vip      (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):       Started int-ipfuie-mgmt02

Failed actions:
    p_mysql:0_monitor_0 (node=int-ipfuie-mgmt01, call=10, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
    p_mysql:0_stop_0 (node=int-ipfuie-mgmt01, call=15, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
    p_mysql:1_monitor_0 (node=int-ipfuie-mgmt02, call=10, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error
    p_mysql:1_stop_0 (node=int-ipfuie-mgmt02, call=15, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error

Well, that isn't the most detailed of all error messages.

I then did the following grep on /var/log/messages (debugging is already turned on in /etc/corosync/corosync.conf):

grep -B 2 -A 2 -i mysql /var/log/messages | grep -i error | less

The only message, that is a little more "revealing" says:

Jan 23 12:50:46 int-ipfuie-mgmt01 crmd: [10070]: info: process_lrm_event: LRM operation p_mysql:0_monitor_0 (call=36, rc=1, cib-update=44, confirmed=true) unknown error
Jan 23 12:50:47 int-ipfuie-mgmt01 crmd: [10070]: info: process_lrm_event: LRM operation p_mysql:0_stop_0 (call=38, rc=1, cib-update=46, confirmed=true) unknown error

Any ideas on how to get a little more information on why the resource failed? Where, for example, does the output of the resource scripts go by default? I feel they rather go to /dev/null, but definitely not to any logfile, am I right?

If you have any suggestions, where else to look for more obvious error messages, please tell me so!

What other means of debugging my config do I have?

This all leads me to a more general question:

Can I redirect pacemakers log messages to any other file than /var/log/messages (without configuring filters in syslog-ng)? The logging of pacemaker (at least in the version I'm using) does not seem to be influenced by setting to_logfile: yes and logfile: /var/log/cluster.log in /etc/corosync.conf (which only get's messages from corosync (TOTEM etc.).



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