[Pacemaker] Upstart resources

Ante Karamatic ivoks at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 23 02:43:39 EST 2012

On 23.02.2012 07:57, Vladislav Bogdanov wrote:

> Thanks for clarification, that wasn't clear at the moment I looked at
> it. If I knew that, I wouldn't write that RA. One remark, my RA has
> possibility to check service aliveness on monitor operation and repair
> that service if it hangs.

Well... Upstart actually does notice if the job failed and respawns it -
depending on job's configuration. Monitoring cluster resource, in this
case, should just return 'running' or 'not running'. It's up to the lrmd
to restart the resource if it's not running. Restarting the resource
within the 'monitor' doesn't look like the best way to do it? It somehow
doesn't fit into the 'monitor' function and you lose some of the
functionality when you don't report the problem to the lrmd (allowed
number of restarts; what to do if monitor fails, etc...).

> I use it for libvirtd which sometimes become
> unresponsive so I need to restart it before all other libvirt-related
> resources begin to fail. Fortunately, modern libvirtd can be restarted
> without affecting guests. Of course, that is just a hack, and that
> should be fixed in libvirtd, but we live in a real world...

You can prevent other resources from restarting by adjusting
constraints. But this really depends on your setup. For some time
running libvirtd is not a requirement for running a VM. I don't recall
VMs ever failing if libvirt restarted.

Best regards

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