[Pacemaker] Upstart resources

Ante Karamatic ivoks at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 22 13:26:56 EST 2012

On 21.02.2012 16:30, Florian Haas wrote:

> [1] "Why do I need to use a PPA if this release is ostensibly on
> long-term support?" Don't ask me, ask someone from Canonical. :)

Pacemaker isn't really supported cluster stack in Ubuntu 10.04 (it's in
universe). RHCS is in main and supported. There are multiple reasons why
pacemaker isn't in main for 10.04, but we did our best effort to provide
another channel to get usable pacemaker for 10.04 - and that's PPA.

Other than that, PPA provides backported packages from newer Ubuntu
releases. In addition, 'upstart' RA was developed ~6 months after 10.04
was already released.

Best regards

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