[Pacemaker] [ANNOUNCE] The Booth Cluster Ticket Manager - part of multi-site support in pacemaker

李泰勲 leetaehoon at intellilink.co.jp
Mon Feb 20 21:49:16 EST 2012

Hi, Jiaju

Thank you for your reply.

(2012/02/20 23:08), Jiaju Zhang wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-02-17 at 17:54 +0900, 李泰勲 wrote:
>> Hi, Jiaju
>> I am trying behavior of revoke Implementation manually.
>> I have questions of revoke.
>> If I revoked in one of grant ticket site, It would be free from grant
>> status.
>> but the other site runs automatic failover after that!
>> Is it correct specifications?
> Yes, currently the logic is as this. My original thought is to use the
> ticket revoke command to do some maintenance work by the admin. One
> possible scenario is the admin run the revoke command to revoke the
> ticket from one site, and then do the maintenance work at that site.
> If auto-failover has been configured, the ticket will failover to
> another site to make the service always available. If auto-failover
> has not been set, then ticket won't be failovered.
>> I think the expire timer is free in all of sites in that operation.
>> What do you think about that?
> I think what you think is reasonable, and current revoke logic might
> confuse people;) So I'm thinking of changing it now.
I agree with you.
I look forward to release it.
If it will be done I will test of it.

>> https://bugzilla.novell.com/index.cgi
>> I can't find anything of booth articles in that links.
>> Is it right the links of the novell bugzilla?

> Yes, that is the link for hosting bugs. But for the booth articles, it
> is not there. a draft document for booth is at:
> http://doc.opensuse.org/products/draft/SLE-HA/SLE-ha-guide_sd_draft/cha.ha.geo.html
I searched the booth bugs in novell bugzilla. but I couldn't find it.
Would you have registered any bugs that you have recognized ?
and Can I register booth bugs in the bugzilla If I find any booth bugs?

Best Regards, Taihun

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