[Pacemaker] MySQL-Cluster with Pacemaker

Yves Trudeau y.trudeau at videotron.ca
Wed Feb 8 13:35:40 EST 2012

Hi Andreas,
    NDB requires a minimum of 4 nodes for HA... 2x SQL/mgmnt nodes + 2x 
data nodes.  The SQL/mgmnt nodes could be your tomcat servers without 
problem but the data nodes must be other physical servers.



On 12-01-30 04:46 AM, Stallmann, Andreas wrote:
> Hi!
> I’m on the lookout for alternatives to our current MySQL “cluster”, 
> which is an Active/Standby solution with MySQL on DRBD.
> With increasing customer demand for a faster failover, we want an 
> Active/Passive or even an Active/Active cluster.
> Currently we run a Tomcat application, which works in 
> Active/Passive-Mode. The applications on the active node communicate 
> it’s status via a MySQL database to the passive node. In our current 
> setup, both nodes run the tomcat application but only one holds the 
> database (due to the setup with DRBD). For faster failovers, we’d 
> rather want the database to be active on both nodes. It’s not 
> necessary, that it can written on both nodes, but read access would be 
> desirable. The thought is, that switching the “master status” of a 
> database might be quicker than switching DRBD’s master status, 
> unmounting and mounting the file system and stopping and starting the 
> database.
> A MySQL/Pacemaker cluster with replication as described  in 
> http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2011/11/29/percona-replication-manager-a-solution-for-mysql-high-availability-with-replication-using-pacemaker/ 
>  thus looked very promising, but it seems to be not yet mature enough 
> for a production environment. Please do correct men if I’m wrong 
> there, I’m really interested in your experience with this solution in 
> a real world scenario.
> Are there perhaps other howtos describing Pacemaker and MySQL replication?
> The second idea was using the native MySQL NDB clustering with 
> Pacemaker. 
> http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2010/05/19/pacemaker-please-meet-ndb-cluster-or-using-pacemakerheartbeat-to-start-a-ndb-cluster/ 
> (from 2010, uses heartbeat and pacemaker) and 
> http://www.howtoforge.com/loadbalanced_mysql_cluster_debian (from 
> 2008, uses pure heartbeat). Are there any more recent “howtos” on 
> pacemaker and MySQL NDB 7.x describe this. Can you provide me with 
> your opinions and field reports on these setups?
> Looking forward to your upcoming mails,
> Andreas
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