[Pacemaker] nfsserver in Fedora16

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at schwartzkopff.org
Thu Feb 2 04:14:16 EST 2012

> So I think it isn't a good idea to wait that it is done. I must finish a
> project until 30th of march. My project is a HA NFSv4 Cluster. Does
> anybody know if I can  use CentOS for that? Or have they also changed to
> systemd?
> Best regards,
> Andreas Vogelsang


trying to set up a HA NFSv4 Cluster I found some problems in the last year.

1) The cluster has to release the existing locks after a failover. This is 
only possible in recent kernels. I do not know if this is possible in CentOS.

2) Only recent exportfs resource agent gives you the possibility to release 
the locks. Perhaps you would have to compile your own cluster-agents package.

3) Fedora 16 (which comes with a recent kernel) moved from the init system to 
systemd. pacemaker cannot handle systems. So you cannot start the nfs server 
under cluster control. You can work around this using the respan option of 

4) Debian-based distribution seem to have problems with the locks. But I do 
not know exactly.

5) You could try with opensuse.

Please mail me about your advances. I am interested.


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