[Pacemaker] Problems with resource scaling

Atif Faheem afaheem2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 22:35:21 EST 2012

Hi. I have been experimenting with resource scalability in Pacemaker. I
started with no resources, and attempted to configure & start a few hundred
dummy resources (a dummy ocf script that does not load the CPU) on a
cluster of 4 virtual machines using crm configure, and noted that after
adding about 200 resources the cluster grinds to a halt. To start an
additional 100 resources, it took about 10 minutes for the crm configure to
complete, and an additional 10 minutes for the resources to come up. I
noted that the CIB process spikes to >90% as soon as a new resource is
configured on the system, and stays there for sometime.  During this time
it is possible that "crm status" shows all nodes to be offline. After a
period of such instability, CIB CPU backs off, and then the cluster is
stable. Is this behavior expected with the afore-mentioned cluster size /
resource count? Are there any parameters or knobs we may want to look at /
twiddle? My understanding was that with recent performance changes resource
scaling should be much higher.

Pacemaker is v, and is running with Corosync 1.4.1. The virtual
machines are running RH 6.2, and are all hosted on a dual CPU Westmere
system. I have played around with the memory / CPU allocation of the
machines but haven't seen much of a difference.

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