[Pacemaker] questions about the booth

Yuusuke Iida iidayuus at intellilink.co.jp
Wed Feb 22 21:10:18 EST 2012

Hi, Jiaju

I want to ask some questions about booth.

I confirm movement of booth by the following constitution.
node1, node2 - siteA(grant ticket)
node3, node4 - siteB

boothd which moved in node1 did failover by trouble to node2.
Though booth is rebooted then during the validity of the ticket, as for
the ticket, it is done failover to siteB.
As for me, boothd was started in node2 and hoped that grant was
maintained in siteA.
Will you examine a correction of the present behavior?

When the resource that there is in conjunction with the ticket breaks
down in succession and was not able to start in site A, booth does nothing.
In this case I think that site B is not used effectively.
Does booth have the plan corresponding to such a problem?

Best regards,

Yuusuke Iida
Mail: iidayuus at intellilink.co.jp

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