[Pacemaker] Cluster from Scratch v2 typos?

Ben Branch BBranch at uco.edu
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This is my first post to the list, so go easy on me ;).

I've been reading the Clusters from Scratch v2 document and I noticed some inconsistencies.

1.       Pg. 25, Figure 2.14 - Customize Networking:  Screenshot indicates that the user should be using the IP address of on the first node in the cluster.

2.       Pg. 32, Section 2.3 "Before you Continue": Advises the user that before they should proceed that they should go through the setup of the second node.  Document then advises the user to use the IP address for the second node.

3.       Pg. 32-33, Section 2.4.1 "Finalize Networking":  Advises the user that we need to make sure we can communicate to the servers by name.  States that if DNS isn't available, to add the ip and host information into the /etc/hosts file.  It then displays the IP Addresses of both nodes in the cluster:

grep pcmk /etc/hosts
[root at pcmk-1 ~]# grep pcmk /etc/hosts pcmk-1.clusterlabs.org pcmk-1 pcmk-2.clusterlabs.org pcmk-2

The reason for bringing this up is that I'm reading this document for the first time and I am using it to setup a Proof of Concept cluster.  These inconsistencies made me question whether I was setting everything up properly.  Is there something I'm missing about this information? Or, are these merely typos and we should be using the 192.168.122.X addresses throughout the document for consistency?

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